The Future of History of Science and Technology / History of Science and Technology for the Future
29 Sep 2023, 00.01 AM - 22.00 PM UTC

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Practical information

The event is organized as an online 24-hours rolling festival. It starts on September 29, 2023, at 00.01 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). On this page you will find all relevant practical information related to the festival.


How to join the event

The festival will be hosted on the Zoom events platform. To join the festival, you need to register here for free using a Zoom account. After you log in, you will be redirected to the event’s lobby. All sessions will be accessible through the lobby and will be available for later playback.


How to (re)watch the event

The festival will be broadcast live in youtube. All live sessions become videos afterwards. You can access our Youtube playlist here to watch live or to watch later.


Open floor and regular sessions

Regular sessions

Regular sessions are set-up as Zoom webinars. This means that questions need to be asked through the chat. The chair will handle the questions. Questions posed on the chat are only visible to the panelists and the tech team. It is expected that all participants behave respectfully towards one another.

Open-floor sessions

The two open floor sessions are organized as regular Zoom meetings which means that everyone who wants can join live. Since these sessions are open to anyone, we emphasize that we expect everyone to behave respectfully towards one another.  The open floor sessions are intended for anyone interested to chat about the future of the DHST. In particular we welcome any feedback on the draft of a DHST manifesto proposed by the DHST council. The open floor sessions are also an occasion for representatives of members and commissions to give feedback on the current draft for the revised Respectful Behavior Policy and the proposal for a changed Nominations policy. Relevant documents will be available soon. More details on the open-floor sessions including access to the relevant documents can be found here.

Time zone conversion table

Please note that the times in the program, including the kick-off at 00.01 UTC, are all in Coordinated Universal Time (same as Greenwich Mean Time). This means that, depending on your time zone, the festival may start at some time on Spetember 28 and finish on the next day, or it may start later on September 29 and extend until September 30. Please use this conversion table to find your corresponding time zone.


The festival will be held online via the Zoom events platform, with live streaming across other platforms. Recordings will be available for future viewing. 


The basic structure of the festival will be a series of one-hour panels featuring three speakers and a chairperson. Each speaker has been nominated by one of the national committees that comprise the DHST, or by one of its historical commissions or scientific sections. No one was invited directly by the DHST council. The speakers will adress the general theme of the event — The Future of HST / HST for the Future — from the perspective of the communities they are representing. The detailed program will be announced soon!


If you would like to receive our newsletter and regular updates, please do register on the site.


For any general questions related to the conference please contact us at: dhst-festival[@]sciencesconf[dot]org 


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