The Future of History of Science and Technology / History of Science and Technology for the Future
29 Sep 2023, 00.01 AM - 22.00 PM UTC

                     In cooperation with:


The first DHST Global festival is organized by the Divison for the History of Science and Technology (DHST/IUHPST), with the generous technical support of the British Society for the History of Science (BSHS). The digital infrastructure will be run by a range of volunteers from within the HST community.


Conference co-chairs:

Liesbeth De Mol (CNRS / University of Lille, France)

Thomás Haddad (University of São Paulo, Brazil)


Digital infrastructure director:

Sam Robinson (University of York, UK)


Technical team:

Megan Baumhammer (Princeton University, USA)

Grace Exley (University of Oxford, UK)

Daniella McCahey (Texas Tech University, Houston, USA)

Alexander Stöger (Saarland University, Germany)

Sarah Qidwai (university of Regensburg, Germany)



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